Small Package Service

Less-than-container load shipments: next cut-off: February 7, 2022

                                    Full container loads: arranged as needed!  Please call!                                  

                                    Air cargo to Rīga: bi-weekly schedule. Please call.  

                                    Air cargo to Tallinn and from Rīga: on demand.

 Christmas package shipment update:  Package delivery began on January 17. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unusual logistics period!



Less-than-container load shipments: next cut-off: February 7, 2022

       Full container loads: arranged as needed!  Please call!

                     Air cargo to Rīga: bi-weekly schedule. Please call.   

                    Air cargo to Tallinn and from Rīga: on demand. 

 Christmas package shipment update:  as of Jan. 14 Customs clearance has been completed.  Deliveries will begin the week of Jan. 17. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unusual logistics period!



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Pieteikties LASL paku e-pastiem!

LASL small package service to Latvia: guidelines and restrictions, collection schedule; comparison of LASL ocean and air freight costs to USPS prices

Please call 973 744 6565, ext 5 for additional information.


Since 1991 Latvian American Shipping Line (LASL) has provided a small package service from the United States to Latvia. Please note: Since May of 2004 Latvia has been a member of the European Union, and abides by customs regulations established by the EU. As of October 2021 we have again adjusted our package guidelines and regulations so that we are able to provide you with efficient and speedy service, all within the parameters of the LV/EU customs regulations.

We accept personal packages for individuals in Latvia up to 150 euro, approx 175 USD, Oct 2021). Packages may be personally delivered or sent by UPS or the U.S. Postal Service to our office or warehouse. We also collect packages at Latvian centers throughout the Midwest, along the eastern seaboard and on the west coast twice a year: in March/April and October/November. Please see our schedule for the next package dates and locations. Delivery in Latvia takes 4-5 weeks from the sailing date, but since the Summer of 2021, the sailing schedules have been very erratic and delayed. Please note that these delays affect the transit time for 2021 Christmas packages to reach the port of Riga.

LASL delivers to any address in Latvia, and before delivery establish contact with the consignee to arrange for a mutually acceptable delivery time. 

Personal packages may be sent to individuals at private addresses. To prepare a package, please obtain a LASL registration form that is in effect as of Oct 2021. On the forms give the complete name, address and telephone of the consignee, and list the items, the quantity and value of the items being sent. The maximum value that we are able to clear for a small package to an individual is 150 euro in value. ( for information on larger shipments please contact us) Such packages typically consist of an assortment of food and hygiene items or some articles of clothing. If clothing or footwear is used, a "garage sale" price may be indicated and the item should be described as "used". Prescription medicines, aspirin or over-the counter medications, vitamins and alcohol and firearms are not to be included in personal packages. Please do not enclose money in the packages. As of October 2021 we kindly ask that the quantity of food items per package be limited to a max of 3 pounds.  Please indicate the true value of each item, stated in EURO currency. To obtain the euro equivalent of USD: $ x .86 = Euro value (Oct 2010 - please see live currency on the top right of this section).

Costs include: $1.70/lb. (with a minimum charge of $50.00 for the total shipment) plus first box delivery charges of $19 for Riga addresses and $26 for rural addresses. Delivery for each additional box (Riga and rural) is $16. The delivery charge includes Latvian customs clearance and is automatically added to each shipment. As of October 2021 we also assess the import duty and Value Added Tax ( in Latvian referred to as "PVN" )

We also offer special book rates for shipments of books / printed matter to non-profit organizations in Latvia. Rate: $50 per box up to 40 lbs. including delivery from Northeast pickup points and $50 per box up to 40 lbs. from Midwest pickup points. (Boxes exceeding 40 lbs will be charged $1.25 per lb for the additional weight exceeding 40 lbs.) Please kindly address the shipment to the organization and include a contact person's name and telephone number. 
Please go to 'small package service schedule' for a listing of eastern seaboard and midwest package pick-up addresses and dates. Packages may also be sent by UPS/USPS to our warehouse address:

Latvian American Shipping Line
84 Harbor Drive,
Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA

Regulations for shipments of humanitarian aid to institutions differ from personal package shipments. Please contact us for further information on shipments to schools, hospitals, orphanages.


The following is a summary of small package shipment regulations for our quarterly ocean shipments:

In summary: guidelines for PERSONAL PACKAGE shipments:
LASL will clear customs and deliver packages that conform to the following parameters: (please note that packages that are larger, heavier or more valuable may certainly be shipped, but please contact us about the shipping options!)

  • Max. value of contents per package is 150 euro (approx $175 USD, Oct 2021)
  • One package per recipient.
  • Max. of four packages per address: (ex: one to husband, one to wife, one to son, one to daughter.
  • Max weight of package is a30 lbs
  • Max dimensions of package: 18” x 18” x 18” (or equivalent cubic volume).
  • We require a completed  and signed shipment registration form  to ship!   Please ensure that form is current ( Oct 2021)
  • You as the shipper will herewith see the following as part of your shipping costs: the ocean freight, customs clearance/delivery AND ( this is new as of Oct 2021): the import duty of 12% plus the VALUE ADDED TAX ( 21%) which is assessed by adding the value of the package plus the tax, and multiplied by .21 
  • If you do not wih to pay the import duty and VAT, please make that known to us so that we can offer you other options for shipping. 
  • (Please note:Any changes must be submitted in writing; repacking by LASL of boxes that do not comply with guidelines will result in additional charges)                      **********************************
Questions? Please call Anita at (973) 744-6565 x. 5.

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