The Spring pers. package shipment collected in April-May: delivery completed by  June 25!

             For book shipments to institutions collected Apr-May: delivery will commence June 30.

If you have Latvian books, but no recipient in mind, we suggest "Otrā elpa" in Riga - an organization modeled on "Goodwill" stores, whereby proceeds from all sales are donated to charities.

If mailing packages directly to our warehouse, please note that the warehouse address is:                                  LASL, 84 Harbor Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305. We suggest that you also call to notify us, so that we know to look for the parcels. 

                                 Exchange rate: 45 euro = $50.00 ( $ x .89 = euro)   (April, 2016)                                                 The value of the contents of all packages  must be designated in EUROs  

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midwest dates                   Click here for: west coast dates

The packages collected Feb/Mar of 2016 are enroute to Riga; deliveries will begin approx. mid-April

Spring 2016 PACKAGE SHIPMENT SCHEDULE:  THANKS- delivered by June 25!  The next East Coast collection will be late August- early Sept.

Boston, MA: Boston Latvian Ev. Luth. Church - 58 Irving Street, Brookline, MA:                                                                                      

Catskills: Rota, Elka Park, NY: please call!

Philadelphia, PA: St. Johns Latvian Ev. Luth. Church, 301 N. Newtown St Rd., Newtown Sq, PA:     Saturday,  from 2-2:30  pm 

East Brunswick, NJ: New Brunswick & Lakewood Ev Luth Church, 12 Gates Ave, East Brunswick, NJ:  Saturday, @ 12 noon

Yonkers, NY: New York Latvian Ev Luth Church, 254 Valentine Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705:                  Sunday,  from 12-1 pm             

Manchester, CT:  Spring and Garden Street (21 Garden St): please call!

Poughkeepsie,NY:  2 Merry Hill Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY:                                                                    Saturday,  from 9:00-9:30 am                                                            

Priedaine: New Jersey Latvian Society, Freehold, NJ: please call!

Long Island/Sala: Latvian Lutheran Church Congregation - 4 Riga Lane, Melville, NY:                   Saturday,               

Washington, DC: Latvian Luth Church, rear-parking lot: 400 Hurley Ave, Rockville, MD:                  Sunday,  from 12:30 - 1:30 pm             

Wilmington, DE: Baidins residence: 1104 Windon Drive, Wilmington DE:                                     Saturday, @3:30 pm                                      

SOUTH and MIDWEST collection points:  Thanks!  Delivered by June 25.  Next collection dates will be in October, but packages can be delivered to us by UPS for Aug-Sept shipment.

Atlanta:contact Sybil:

St Petersburg, FL: Latvian Center: 17905 9th Ave, N, St Petersburg, FL:                                   

Indianapolis: Latvian Center: 1008 W 64th St, Indianapolis, IN:                                                   Monday, @ 6 pm

Chicago#1: St Peter's Latvian Congregation: 450 Forest Preserve Drive, Wood Dale, IL:             Wednesday, @ 1 pm
( if LASL driver is delayed, please call NJ office!)

Chicago#2: Addison/Ashland St intersection:  Friday, @ approx 9 pm:Please contact us!

Milwaukee, WI: Latvian Lutheran Church: 1853 N 75th St, Milwaukee, WI:                               Wednesday,  @ 5 pm

Minneapolis: Latvian Lutheran Church 3152 17th Ave, Minneapolis: Thursday,  from 12-1 pm                    
"Latvijas Ciems": 10740 Kurzeme Rd, Three Rivers, MI:                                                                      Saturday, @11 am

Kalamazoo: Latvian Center: 100 Cherry Hill Dr, Kalamazoo, MI:                                                         Saturday, @ 12 noon

Detroit: Latvian Lutheran Church: 30623 W 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI:
Saturday,  @ 4pm

Cleveland, OH: Latvian Lutheran Church: 1385 Andrews Ave, Lakewood, OH:                                 Sunday,  9-9:30 am                                      

WESTERN US collection points:

SanFrancisco: 1563 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501:                                                                Saturday,  from 10am-1 pm

Los Angeles: Latvian Center: 1955 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA:                                                    Sunday, from 10-12 noon.

Portland: Latvian Center: 5500 Dosch Rd, Portland, OR:                                                                Sunday,:  9:30-11 am

Seattle: Latvian Center:  11710 3rd Ave NE, Seattle WA 98175                                                           Tuesday,  from 10-11:30 am


If sending your package to us via UPS, please ensure that it reaches us by:

                Please call about PERSONAL PACKAGE REGULATIONS: 45euro/ recipient is max package value per package to be duty free, and for your package to be accepted as a PERSONAL PACKAGE! All values must be designated in EUROs 

July 28, 2016
45 EUR = 49.8105 USD
1 USD = 0.903 EUR

Latvian American Shipping Line

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