Our WINTER package shipment collected in Feb/March, and delayed due to weather conditions, has as of May5th been delivered to recipients.

If mailing packages directly to our warehouse, please note that as of April 1, 2015 our new warehouse address is: LASL, 84 Harbor Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305

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midwest dates                   Click here for: west coast dates

Boston, MA: Boston Latvian Ev. Luth. Church - 58 Irving Street, Brookline, MA:          Sunday, May 17th from 12:30- 2 pm                        

Catskills: Rota, Elka Park, NY: please call!

Philadelphia, PA: St. Johns Latvian Ev. Luth. Church, 301 N. Newtown St Rd., Newtown Sq, PA:
  Saturday, May16th @ 12 pm

East Brunswick, NJ: New Brunswick & Lakewood Ev Luth Church, 12 Gates Ave, East Brunswick, NJ:  
  Saturday, May 16th @ 10:00 am

Yonkers, NY: New York Latvian Ev Luth Church, 254 Valentine Ave, Yonkers, NY 10705:                  Please drop off by May 10th.        

Lancaster, PA: Saturday, May 16th @ 4pm

Manchester, CT: Latvian Lutheran Church Congregation, Spring and Garden Street (21 Garden St), please call!

Poughkeepsie, NY: 2 Merry Hill Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603:       
Saturday: May 16th from 9-10 am                                                          

Priedaine: New Jersey Latvian Society, Freehold, NJ: please call - (973) 744-6565 x. 5.

Long Island/Sala: Latvian Lutheran Church Congregation - 4 Riga Lane, Melville, NY: Please drop off by May 10th.   

Washington, DC / Rockville, MD: Washington Latvian Lutheran Church 400 Hurley Ave, Rockville, MD: Sunday, May 17th from 9:30 to 10:45 am

Wilmington, DE: Baidins' Residence 1104 Windon Dr., Wilmington, DE:                                  
   Saturday, May 16th @ 1:30 pm

Midwest and Southern States schedule & addresses for small package collection points for the SPRING 2015 shipment:
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Atlanta, GA: 2131 Meadowbrook Ln, Marietta, GA 30067: (please contact: skkreslins@gmail.com): see you in May 2015!             

St. Petersburg, FL: St Petersburg Latvian Society - 1705 9th Ave, N. St. Petersburg, FL                            Saturday, April 25th  from 1:30-3 pm          

Indianapolis, IN: Latvian Community Center - 1008 W. 64 Street, Indianapolis, IN:
  Monday, May 4 at 6 pm

Chicago, IL: two locations:
St. Peter's  Church - 450 Forest Preserve Drive, Wood Dale, IL:                                                            Wednesday, May 6  at 1 pm.  (please allow for potential traffic-related delays

AND FRIDAY evening, May 8th  @ approx 7-8 pm, Chicago - near Ashland/Addison Aves: please call!

Milwaukee, WI: Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation - 1853 N. 75 St., Milwaukee, WI:   Wednesday, May 6th  at 5 pm       

Minneapolis, MN: Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation - 3152 17th Ave., S. Minneapolis, MN 55407
Thursday, May 7th at 12 noon

Three Rivers, MI: Latvijas Ciemā: 10740 Kurzeme Rd, Three Rivers, MI:        
  Saturday, May 9th at 11 am

Kalamazoo, MI: Kalamazoo Latvian Community Center - 100 Cherry Hill Dr., Kalamazoo, MI:
   Saturday, May 9th  at 12 noon.

Grand Rapids, MI: Latvian Community Center - 504 Grand Ave., NE, Grand Rapids, MI: please call!

Detroit, MI: St. Paul Latvian Ev.Luth Congregation- 30623 W12 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, MI:
   Saturday, May 9th  at 5pm      

Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Latvian Ev Luth Congregation 1385 Andrews Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107:  
  Sunday, May 10th at 9:30 am    

West Coast schedule & addresses for small package collection points
for the 2015 SPRING  shipment

Click here for: east coast dates           Click here for: midwest dates

San Francisco area: at the residence of Mara Sidlow, 1563 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
   Saturday, May2, from 10am-1 pm.

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Latvian Community Center - 1955 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA:
Sunday, April 19th, from 10am-12:30 pm

Portland, OR: Latvian Community Center - 5500 Dosch Road, Portland, OR
See you in the Fall!

Seattle, WA: Latvian Community Center - 11710 3rd Ave NE, Seattle, WA

If you send (UPS/USPS) your packages to our warehouse in NJ, please kindly ensure that they are scheduled to arrive by Friday, May 15th, 2015. Please send to our NEW ( as of 3/30/15)  warehouse address:

Your name, package registration no.
c/o Latvian American Shipping Line
84 Harbor Drive,   Jersey City, NJ 07305

Please follow rules for packages destined for the European Union. Declare values in Euros, please make sure personal packages do not exceed 45 euros in value per package to one individual. Please see exchange rate on the right of this page!  Please limit weight to 30-35 lbs (or less) per box (suggested dimensions 20"x18"x18"); heavier boxes will be repackaged at an additional charge to shipper, or sent via air cargo at air cargo rates; recipient will be responsible for customs clearance at Riga airport.

5/6/15: 45 euro = $50.53 USD

$ x .89 = euro 

For humanitarian aid boxes: If sending only one box, please address the shipment to an individual at the receiving organization.  If your shipment consists of several to many boxes, please call us in advance so that we can discuss the best options for handling this type of shipment.

If you do not have access to the above pickup locations, please contact us, we can provide a pickup
service at a nominal additional fee. Registration numbers can be obtained above but also by phone:
973-744-6565 x. 5 or 201-760-6427 or email:

Thank you!

July 04, 2015
45 EUR = 50.0130 USD
1 USD = 0.899 EUR

Latvian American Shipping Line

19 N. Mountain Ave, Montclair, N.J. 07042-1810, USA
(973) 744-6565,
(973) 746-7222,