Easter gift package

Based on you response to our 2016 Christmas package offer, we now offer you a 2017 Easter gift package based on the "C" package option you see below; contents will be upgraded to fit the Easter theme as they become available.

LASL "C" Gift package: please complete the electronic form below and submit to us by midday on Sunday, March 5. Pay by credit card, PayPal, or call in your order!
Delivery is planned for the week prior to Easter.

To order:

1) Complete the electronic form below.  If you wish to order more than one package, please click for additional package orders. Please note: one package per recipient per shipper.

2) Click on "Turpinat" or "Continue"and go to PayPal.

3) We will complete the registration form required for customs, as well as add an Easter greeting with your name to the contents of the box. 

Price:$55 includes the contents of the box and ocean freight.  Please add $19 for customs clearance and delivery to a Riga address, but $26 for rural addresses. If ordering more than one box per address, the second box, to a second individual:  $16.

„Maza dāvaniņa lielam draugam”
1-8 oz Maple Syrup • 1-16 oz Savory, Sweet and Tart Trek Mix • 1-8 oz Kona Coffee cookie • 1-8.8 oz Chocolate Cocoa Truffles 1-11 oz Chocolate covered fruit medley • 1-6 oz Dried mango • 1-13 oz Almond Cocoa Spread • 1-3.5 oz Coffee
$55 + piegāde

 * * *

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